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Artists Bill or Rights - important information and reading for everyone involved with photography - includes campaigns and info about photo competitions and Pinterest.

British Copyright Council - online resource for information about copyright in the UK

Controlled Vocabulary - all about vocabulary and metadata

Unicef - Convention on the rights of the child

Thinkuknow - Parents and Carers guide to the Internet

CEOP - Internet Safety Information

Recycle Now - how to recycle your old batteries

Tourism Concern - campaigns and resources for better tourism practices (Gail is a Council Member).

Know Before You Go - British FCO Travel Advice

A-Cet - The African Children's Education Trust in Ethiopia

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UPDATE from January 16th -

Wednesday 16th the ERRB concentrated on Agriculture leaving the amendments that impact on photographers to the last quarter of an hour. The 'Fair Use' amendment has been removed however the Bill will be reviewed again on JANUARY 28th.

Human Rights Day 2012 - Make your Voice Count


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